Presenting Clavius

Clavius is a fashion fund dedicated to promoting and growing outstanding luxury brands and bringing them to the Norwegian fashion scene.
The fund values brands that reflect unique design, combining innovation, masterful craftsmanship and
deep cultural roots to provide fashion experiences like no other.

Clavius' investment strategy is built around selecting small to mid-sized fashion brands with high growth potential, who possess a strong brand identity, quality commitment, and a scalable business model. Upon partnering with them, Clavius aims to increase the value, streamline operations, and promote growth via strategic market expansion and innovation.

The fund continuously looks for brands with unique identities, proven profitability, and impressive growth potential. Ideal targets have a loyal customer base, an efficient management team, and a keen alignment with Clavius' focus on heritage and fashion.

Clavius's Investment Strategy: Cultivating Excellence

Clavius considers collaboration with portfolio companies that want to enhance their financial performance and brand value.
Combining our expertise with the brands' passion and talent, Clavius is set to leave a lasting imprint and representation.

The fund's insights are sought after by some of the world's largest and most influential investors,
including family offices and ultra-wealthy individuals.


Karl Johans gate 39, Oslo Norway